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Strengthening trust in digital insurances: ABN AMRO Insurances’ strategic move with Salesforce and WithSecure

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ABN AMRO Insurances is a trailblazer in digital insurances. Operating in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO Insurances is committed to always offer the best insurance option for any situation.

Watch ABN AMRO Insurances’ Salesforce Developer Ralf van Hoorn and Lead Product Owner Roel van de Donk tell how they secured their expanding Salesforce environment.

Introduction: seamless security in the digital insurance evolution

In the digital financial services landscape, where online interactions form the backbone of customer service, ensuring the security of these platforms is paramount. ABN AMRO Insurances, committed to bringing insurances closer to its clients, recognized the need to fortify its Salesforce platform against potential security threats. The integration of WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce not only solidified this security but also provided a seamless operational experience. At the same time, user friendly security dashboards introduced an era of transparent, actionable Salesforce security insights, crucial for a company prioritizing digital efficiency and trust.

Challenge: navigating the digital frontier with expanding attack surface

ABN AMRO Insurances, standing as a beacon in digital insurance services, operates with Salesforce as a core facilitator. ABN AMRO Insurances, a prominent insurance provider, focuses heavily on digital insurance services, making Salesforce an integral component of their operations. “As we’re expanding on our Salesforce solution, we receive various forms of communication that can contain malicious content,” explains Roel van de Donk, Lead Product Owner at ABN AMRO Insurances.

The stakes are raised with customer portals, increasing exposure to potential attacks.  “When you start realizing a customer-facing portal, your attack surface increases dramatically,” Roel adds.

Herein lay the challenge: implementing robust security was paramount, not just for data protection but for sustaining customer trust and adhering to stringent regulations.

Solution: quick deployment, clear insights through WithSecure Cloud Protection

Salesforce’s recommendation led ABN AMRO Insurances to WithSecure. “That gives us a big plus,” says Ralf van Hoorn, Salesforce Developer.

WithSecure offered an easy-to-use cloud protection system, critical for a insurances company with a robust digital presence.

WithSecure’s appeal was its simplicity in providing secure cloud protection. “The ease of using WithSecure Cloud Protection was a big plus…within an hour we were up and running,” Ralf recalls, a nod to the solution’s ease of integration.

Most notably, WithSecure’s clear and intuitive dashboards have been instrumental, offering real-time insights that prompt immediate action where necessary. “It’s easy to use, with some pleasant dashboards which I can use to see, okay, what’s happening here? Where do I need to act?” Ralf explains.

Outcomes: enhanced security, preserved trust

Implementing WithSecure markedly improved ABN AMRO Insurances’s security position. “We can easily prove it,” states Roel, referring to the transparent dashboards that showcase real-time security operations.

The system effectively filters out malicious content, safeguarding the company’s digital assets. “When we just started using WithSecure, we already had one file that was put into quarantine, which actually contained a virus,” Roel shares, demonstrating the immediate impact of the solution.

Moreover, the security implementation is so seamless that it’s almost invisible to users. “Our users don’t actually know the security is there, but it is there to protect them,” Roel adds, pointing out the solution’s non-intrusive nature. This seamless efficiency ensures that the insurers operations remain uninterrupted, maintaining the trust of customers and regulators bodies alike.

Conclusion: safeguarding digital insurance operations

For ABN AMRO Insurances, fortifying their Salesforce platform transcends data protection; it’s about reinforcing the promise of digital reliability and convenience they offer their clientele.

WithSecure has helped ABM AMRO Insurances in realizing these objectives, showcasing that robust security measures can coexist seamlessly within digital insurance infrastructures, assuring a fortified and trustworthy digital realm.

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