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What is Cloud Protection for Salesforce

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce safeguards your digital business operations against advanced cyber threats. The plug-and-play solution has been developed by cyber security experts in close collaboration with Salesforce to offer the best possible protection for your custom environment. The simple and non-disruptive app gives you real-time visibility into your security status, requires no connectors, no middleware, no additional hosting costs and deploys in minutes.

Securing your Salesforce is a shared responsibility

It can be challenging to keep up with the complexities of today’s digital world – including interlinked and ever-evolving security regulations. The shared responsibility model – a regulatory paradigm in cloud computing – mandates that security responsibilities are split between cloud providers and cloud consumers. Salesforce as a cloud vendor and data processor does a stellar job in securing the cloud infrastructure. However, ensuring safety of the data that goes in falls under your responsibility.

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Tailored for high compliance sectors, our certified solution safeguards Salesforce clouds for global enterprises, including finance, healthcare, and the public sector.

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