Think your Salesforce data is secure?

Think again.

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Salesforce operates a shared security model.

This means you are responsible for protecting your business data—and keeping harmful content such as files, phishing emails, and rogue links out of your CRM, and your wider business network.

In our Ebook Securing Salesforce: Know Your Responsibilities, Protect Your Data, we explain how to quickly and simply take charge of Salesforce security, and find out if you may already have harmful content living rent free in your platform.

In this paper you will:

  • Learn more about the Salesforce shared responsibility model, and where your data might already be at risk
  • Discover ways to improve business collaboration between the C-suite, sales and marketing, and IT to ensure no Salesforce security loopholes
  • See real world examples of how global organizations use WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce to gain real-time visibility into their Salesforce activity to mitigate threats before they enter the platform
  • Come away with a step-by-step action plan for keeping your data safe

Now is the time to start making changes so that you can continue to grow your customer base with confidence.

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“WithSecure™’s reliable plug-and-play approach was exactly what we needed—it was also a relief to know that WithSecure™ are specialists and would take care of any issues in getting it running smoothly, so our technical team could focus on the rest of the project.”

Naman Shah, Senior Director of Project Management at SiriusXM

Ransomware and phishing are top concerns – for security and Salesforce 


of cyber attacks use phishing (IBM 2023)


the time to execute ransomware attacks has dropped 94% over the last few years (IBM 2023)

3 ways our Salesforce security solution helps you do your job, securely


Real-time visibility of threats for peace of mind

Get clarity on whether you have already unwittingly let malicious content enter your databases through your customer, partner, or supplier engagement channels. Our solution monitors and prevents new threats around-the-clock.



Security that sits seamlessly alongside your workflow

Our Salesforce-approved security solution works smoothly and securely in the background, meaning no disruption to Salesforce teams’ activities



Bespoke protection to grow your customer base with confidence

Give your team the confidence to focus on their jobs and grow your business without worrying about viruses, phishing links, trojans, ransomware, and other advanced malware.

Interested in knowing more? Download our ebook and start engaging your Salesforce ecosystem securely with worry-free digital journeys.

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