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In a move that will be welcomed by clients throughout South-East Asia and beyond, WithSecure has just announced that its innovative Cloud Protection for Salesforce cloud security software will soon be offering data residency capabilities in Australia and Singapore. This native cloud security solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, offering a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats originating from files and URLs uploaded to Salesforce Clouds.

As organizations globally shift their data to the cloud, the pivotal consideration of how and where data is handled takes center stage. WithSecure's innovative solution addresses this challenge by empowering users to determine the processing location of their data. The escalating trend of cross-border data transfers compounds the difficulty for organizations in precisely locating their data. Complicated by region-specific data protection laws, compliance becomes a nuanced task, demanding adherence to regulations that vary across jurisdictions. These laws frequently impose data residency or sovereignty requirements, dictating where data should be stored or processed. The physical location of data, whether on a local server or a global cloud storage facility, significantly shapes its management and protection.

In a statement accompanying the release of this news, Juhani Hintikka, CEO of WithSecure, recognized the security advantages inherent in these regulations but underscored the need for practical solutions to support organizations. As countries worldwide acknowledge data as a valuable resource and enact regulations governing its storage and protection, WithSecure is taking the lead in providing tangible solutions.

Cloud Protection for Salesforce, an intrinsic application within Salesforce environments, delivers real-time defense against viruses, trojans, ransomware, and advanced malware. The configurable Point of Presence feature empowers users to dictate the geographical processing location of their data, currently offering options in the US or EU. Responding to escalating demand, WithSecure will be expanding its offerings to include Australia and Singapore, with plans to encompass more countries in the future.

Hintikka emphasized that organizations are not merely seeking compliance but aiming to stay ahead in data protection regulations. The ability to control where data is processed not only enhances compliance but also leads to improved service performance, customer trust, and heightened security. For organizations navigating the evolving landscape of data protection, WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce provides a comprehensive solution.

For more details on how Cloud Protection for Salesforce can help your business, visit https://cloudprotection.withsecure.com/


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