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When using Salesforce, companies need to bear in mind a variety of different risk factors.

While many of these risks can be complex and difficult to mitigate, human error happens to be both one of the most significant as well as one of the simplest to deal with. In order to ensure that human error is minimised, it’s vital to set up Salesforce automation functions and ensure all staff are fully trained in Salesforce security essentials.

This article will provide insight and tips regarding Salesforce automation and training, as well as highlight potential areas of risk. Nevertheless, even when these steps are correctly implemented, human error can only ever be reduced, not eliminated, which is why cloud security products like WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce will remain indispensable in 2023 and beyond.

Salesforce Automation and Training

There are many repetitive and time-consuming tasks on the Salesforce platform that can be automated using built-in tools. Potential automations include things like sending emails, creating reports or notifications, tracking customer interactions, and more. Automating these types of tasks eliminates the need for manual effort and reduces the likelihood of errors due to human oversight or miscommunication between departments or teams.

In addition to automating tasks within your Salesforce platform, it is important to also ensure that employees who work with the system are properly trained on how to use it correctly. Training should include topics such as how to securely store data (e.g., setting strong passwords), how to spot phishing scams and other cyber security threats, and how to handle data correctly to avoid deletions or repetitions. Providing regular training sessions on these topics helps ensure that employees understand proper procedures for working with Salesforce and reduces the risk of error due to lack of knowledge or understanding.

The importance of these kinds of measures is difficult to overstate, as bad actors usually only need to compromise one small link in the chain in order to gain access to the sensitive data being stored and transferred on Salesforce. One weak password or one small lapse in judgement can leave you vulnerable to a costly attack, making it essential to have robust cyber security systems in place to complement and support well-trained personnel.

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

Even with Salesforce cyber security best practices in place, without professional cyber security systems in place, there is still potential for attackers to find a way in. This is why WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce has become increasingly essential heading into 2023; our cloud-based security solution leverages advanced analytics techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the detection and removal of advanced threats such as malware or phishing attacks before they reach users.

This kind of proactive defense against cyber threats such as malicious code injections – which would otherwise go unnoticed until it's too late – is something no amount of manual monitoring could ever hope to achieve on its own. If a potentially malicious file is detected, WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce is also able to provide visibility into what has happened, when and who has interacted with it, helping identify chinks in your armour and bolster your defenses against future attacks.

Take Action and Protect Your Data

Salesforce is undeniably indispensable to thousands of businesses around the world, but using cloud-based technology does expose companies to a number of different risks, including those due to human error. By utilizing automation tools within your platform and providing employees with regular training sessions, you can significantly reduce the chances of security breaches due to lack of knowledge or oversight on their part alone. However, even with these precautions in place, there remains potential for mistakes which could have serious repercussions if not caught quickly enough – making WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce an invaluable tool for companies using Salesforce in 2023 and beyond.

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