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Data is akin to currency, making its security and management a top priority for businesses worldwide. As cross-border data transfers become more common, the concepts of data residency and sovereignty have emerged as critical considerations in cybersecurity strategy. This article explores these crucial themes and how businesses can navigate them, and how you can ensure data compliance and security when securing your Salesforce environment with WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce.

Unraveling the knots of data residency and sovereignty

Data residency refers to where data is stored. Whether it's on a local server in a company's headquarters or in cloud storage located halfway around the world, the physical location of data influences how it’s managed and protected.

Data sovereignty, however, dances to a more complex tune. Data sovereignty involves the laws that apply to data based on where it's stored. Local laws dictate how data is managed, used, and secured, regardless of where the data's owners are located.

In the grand carnival of growing cloud computing and global business operations, these concepts command the spotlight. Grasping them is key to dealing with the complex world of global data regulation.

Navigating data residency: lessons from the Australian landscape

Complying with different regional data laws is a big task, especially for companies operating in multiple countries. Laws vary by region and what's legal in one country might not be in another. Events such as significant breaches have also been seen to drive data residency prioritization.

Jussi Wäre, Vice President APAC of WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce reflected on recent developments in the threat landscape, noting, "After significant data breaches, a vast majority of Australian data found its way to the dark web. This alarming event led to a sharp increase in cybersecurity awareness. As a result, the emphasis on cybersecurity measures began to intensify swiftly."

Respecting data residency and sovereignty isn't just regulatory acrobatics; it's about preserving reputation. A misstep? That's the trust bridge burning. Therefore, understanding data residency and sovereignty laws is crucial for maintaining trust and avoiding legal issues. In line with this, the sentiment from the public sector is highlighted by Wäre: "In the public sector, the pace has been rapid. There's a strong push for data residency, and the message from government agencies is clear: they want their data kept local.”

Adapting to a global demand: WithSecure’s response to data residency calls

Acknowledging these challenges, the Configurable Point of Presence has been introduced in WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce, Boulder 2.2 release. This feature lets businesses choose where their data is processed, meeting regional data protection requirements.

Jussi Wäre emphasized the universality of this sentiment, noting, "There’s a same story both in Australia and in Singapore. Right from the get-go, public sector clients are saying, 'Our data needs to stay in our country. No exceptions.'"

This control is critical today, as data residency impacts legal compliance, data speed, and security. With the ability to set the geographical point of presence, companies can make informed decisions that fit their wider data security and compliance plans. Wäre added, "While the private sector is also on board, it's clear that the public side is setting the tone, turning 'data residency' from a nice-to-have into a non-negotiable."

Benefits of controlling data processing location

Choosing where data is processed goes beyond compliance. It involves improving performance, securing data, and planning business operations. Main benefits include:

  • Compliance flexibility: Navigate global data protection laws by setting data residency to meet regional rules.
  • Performance improvement: Decrease data delays by processing data nearer to its origin, improving efficiency.
  • Stronger security: Lower risks during data transfer and limit exposure to various regulations. Customer Trust: Show strong data protection and compliance to build confidence.

Steering your Salesforce security data residency

With the in-app region selector in WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce, companies can decide where their data is processed, an option not typically available to users. This clarity is groundbreaking, ensuring businesses are proactive in data protection.

Data residency and sovereignty can be complicated, but with the right knowledge and tools, businesses can manage them effectively. In a world with global data but local regulations features like Configurable Point of Presence are more than tech improvements; they're strategic tools. They allow businesses to control their data in new ways, strengthening compliance, performance, and security.

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