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Webinar: URL threats in Salesforce and how to stop them

URL-based threats come in many shapes and sizes and shouldn't be overlooked in your Salesforce security strategy. We have enhanced the URL defenses of WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce in the version Orion 2.4. Join our webinar on May 16th to learn how you can stop the stalthiest URL threats.

How to Ensure Your Salesforce Org is Protected From External Threats

Does your company’s Salesforce implementation involve opening files and clicking on links from external users like your customers and partners? In this session, we’ll dive into why meeting your security responsibilities on Salesforce is key to safe business outcomes. 

Salesforce Security Risks You Need to Know

Looking to fortify your Salesforce environment against the cyber risks of today and tomorrow? This event is a must-attend for anyone overseeing a Salesforce platform and seeking to safeguard operations in the core of their business.

Live Discussion with Salesforce: How to Protect Salesforce Data from Internal & External Threats

Rachel Beard, Distinguished Security Architect from Salesforce and Connor Casey, Lead Solutions Engineer from WithSecure discuss the ever-evolving cloud security landscape, topical industry trends, and best practices to achieve positive security outcomes within Salesforce

Live Discussion with Salesforce: How to Address Cyber Security in the Cloud

Watch the recording where Graham Smith, Global Alliance Manager from WithSecure discuss with Rob Thomson, Security, Privacy & Compliance Lead from Salesforce about shared responsibility, industry trends and Salesforce security

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