Boulder 2.2 What’s new in WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce

Master your data: deep threat analysis meets controlled geographic processing

Empower Your Salesforce with Boulder 2.2


In our latest product release, we've not only enhanced your defense mechanisms but also put you in the driver’s seat for data processing. Dive deep into zero-day file-based threat protection with advanced sandboxing and behavioral analytics. Plus, dictate where your data gets processed.

Advanced Threat Analysis: beyond the surface


Navigate a world where most Salesforce protection tools only scratch the surface. Our solution offers in-depth sandboxing, a rarity in today's marketplace, especially among CASBs. Guard against elusive zero-day malware and advanced file-based attacks, and stay secure with our multi-stage threat analysis process. 

Advanced Threat Analysis: how it works

Advanced URL Analysis: a comprehensive safety net for every click


Every URL is a potential doorway to threats. But with our Advanced URL Analysis, you can ensure that these doors are either safe to enter or firmly shut. While a quick reputational check instantly blocks known harmful links, suspicious ones are escalated for deeper scrutiny. 


This means even the craftiest of malicious URLs don’t slip through. Get the assurance of URL safety and minimize risks, ensuring every link within Salesforce is trustworthy.

Decide your data's destination


Whether staying local or going global, the choice is yours. With Boulder 2.2, align your data processing with business needs and regulatory requirements. Opt for the best processing location, whether it's EU, US, or upcoming regions like Australia. And always stay a step ahead with evolving data residency norms.

Watch how to set up your data processing region

Let's continue to innovate and improve together

For a rundown of all the changes and enhancements in Boulder 2.2, our release notes are your go-to resource.

Big thanks to our loyal customers for being with us on this journey. Your feedback, trust, and dedication drive us to consistently innovate and improve Salesforce security.  

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