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Securing Salesforce 2023 - Scope out the threats and challenges.

In this report, three Salesforce security experts share their insights on where to focus on Salesforce security in the year ahead. Their experiences are backed up by the latest data produced by WithSecure™ market research on cloud and Salesforce security in 2022.

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Anatomy of a Salesforce supply chain attack

Every modern enterprise today sits at the center of a vast and complex network of digital suppliers. Affordable high-speed internet and the vast and fast-growing global cloud market mean that organizations can easily outsource anything they need to grow their business. Specialist software solutions can be accessed through SaaS models, or firms can acquire components and plugins to heavily customize their own infrastructure.

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Tailored for high compliance sectors, our certified solution safeguards Salesforce clouds for global enterprises, including finance, healthcare, and the public sector.

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