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Case study: Osaka Prefectural Government

Implementation of COVID-19 Infection registration System in Short Period

Case study: BEC

Customers' data from banks in Denmark protected in the cloud

Case study: Yahoo Japan

Eliminating security concerns

Internet giant defends against malware and phishing attacks with WithSecureTM Cloud Protection for Salesforce 

Blog posts 

Defending Salesforce Against Relentless Cyberattacks with AI

The Role of AI in the Modern Cyber Security Landscape

Why Salesforce Cyber Security Matters

Defending Salesforce from Phishing Attacks

Phishing Scams in Salesforce: What to Do in the Event of an Attack

Articles and Reports

Anatomy of Salesforce Supply Chain Attack

Discover ow to prevent supply chain attacks through third party integration with Salesforce-

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Securing Salesforce 2023 - Scope out the threats and challenges.

In this report, three Salesforce security experts share their insights on where to focus on Salesforce security in the year ahead. Their experiences are backed up by the latest data produced by WithSecure™ market research on cloud and Salesforce security in 2022.

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